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Update on Illinois and Summary of HB 1

Where to buy pot labels in IL

So Illinois passed the House bill for medical cannabis or medical marijuana program and this program will take effect January 1 of 2014. This law is considered a first step for helping seriously ill people. Some of the interesting facts right now in the law as it stands include the following: An adequate supply is around 2.5 ounces during aRead the Rest…

Illinois – Next Fall Before First Pot Clinics Open

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Marijuana will be grown inside 22 cultivation centers registered with the state and distributed in 60 dispensaries. The state agriculture, professional regulation and public health agencies need to figure out a way to determine who gets permits to open marijuana growing centers and dispensaries and to determine rules for physicians giving out cards allowing patients to obtain the marijuana. TheRead the Rest…

Medical Marijuana Label Site Launch

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More and more states are passing medical marijuana legislation which is creating more and more need for dispensaries. As dispensaries are opening, there is a larger need for security labels for the distribution of legal marijuana. Many communities are very concerned with the use of this drug as patients come and go from the dispensaries. That is why we haveRead the Rest…

Illinois Passes Medical Marijuana Bill

Where to buy pot labels in IL

Taking a look at the Chicago Sun Times report on the Illinois House passing a bill on medical marijuana adds light to possible dispensories going up in the state. As this continues to sweep the nation State by State, we work hard on supplying these new dispensories with labels. Take a look at the news in the Chicago Sun TimesRead the Rest…

Need Medical Marijuana Labels?

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In todays changing country medical marijuana is becoming more and more accepted. This acceptance is leading to more laws being passed to sell medical marijuana through dispensaries. We at Potlabels.com are here to help. We provide custom label services for tamper evident solutions to packaging your product. We look forward to sharing and coming up with solutions that are bothRead the Rest…

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